Complete Knock Down Kit

  • With the advancement of time and the requirement of the industry, Nakoda Steel has evolved a new product category of COMPLETE KNOCK DOWN KIT.
  • A complete knock down kit (CKD) containing the parts needed to assemble the product are manufactured / processed in our state-of-the art infrastructure facilities installed for high volume quality production.
  • Nakoda is offering different services to aid for the successful start-up of local production through SKD/CKD kits. Some of our CKD offerings are…

CKD for Transformer Industry

We are offering CKD to Transformer Tank manufacturing companies for fabrication of Transformer Tank. This kit includes all items of mild steel and stainless steel in a Transformer Tank in a READY TO ASSEMBLE / WELD POSITION.

We provide all material Cut To Size so that only the welding and fabrication of Tank is left at the end of the manufacture. All Material is packed on wooden racks in cardboard or plastic rolls.

The Complete Knock Down kit for Transformer Tank includes:

  • MS Transformer tank cut to length
  • MS Transformer  wall plate bending
  • Conservator tank (Conservator oil disc and conservator roll)
  • Embossed transformer tank top cover
  • MS Turning parts, Tie rod & breather Parts
  • Sheet metal components, HV bushing flange
  • Hardware items & other accessories (Bushing, oil level, earthing bolt, air release plug, oil filling cap & coupling)
All components are prepared in such a way so as to ease & simplify the process of Transformer Tank manufacturing.


We are offering CKD of Pre-engineered building structure to clients / contractors as per requirements. This kit can be include of MS, SS or Galvanized items for a PEB structure in a READY TO ASSEMBLE / WELD POSITION.

The Complete Knock Down kit for PEB includes:

  • C-Z Purlins
  • Mild Steel items cut to length
  • Galvanized items
  • Roofing Sheets
  • Hardware items (fasteners) & other accessories

Customized CKD

We are offering CKD to our valued clients of various sectors / industries as per their special requirements. This kit can be included of all items MS, SS & Galvanized items in a READY TO ASSEMBLE / WELD POSITION.

For more details please visit our website or visit our factory.