Transformer Tank

  • We have established ourselves among the leading Transformer Tank manufactures & suppliers.
  • Our tanks are made by highly skilled professionals using premium quality raw materials as per Indian & International standards.
  • The transformer tanks are manufactured at optimum quality check on numerous parameters by quality inspectors.
  • We manufacture the tanks of Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Auxiliary, Current Transformer & any other type of Transformer.
Fabrication Specification
  • Range : 5KVA – 10MVA
  • Tank consists of the Bottom Plate, Frame & the Tank Sides.
  • Tank Cover consists of Bushing Flanges & Conservator.
  • Tanks are Leak tested & Vacuum Tested.
  • The welder qualifications are done as per Indian & International Standards. Tanks are designed to roll and skid in specified directions.
  • Lugs for Jacking, Lifting and Hauling are routinely tested for dye penetration (DP Test).
  • Tanks are Shot Blasted to get a surface finish, coated with zinc rich primer and then painted.
  • Epoxy or polyurethane Painting & Spray Galvanizing are optionally offered to specific requirements for the surface finish of the tank.