Quality starts and finishes with every individual at Nakoda Steel. We are consistently enhancing quality to give our clients better esteem – as dictated by our clients, than any of our rivals. Consumer loyalty requests us to guarantee that general quality, and unwavering quality ceaselessly makes strides. Every worker is by and by mindful and is required to take responsibility for or her work, occupation, or administration gave at Nakoda Steel.

Client Satisfaction

Clients are highly important for the success of our organization. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that they obtain the products as per their requirement. Our professionals understand the specific preferences of individual clients and strive to fulfill all their demands. We offer cutting-edge products to the customers based upon our experienced R&D department, good financial position and TQM, large product line, large production capacity, OEM capability and customized solutions. Furthermore, we accept flexible modes of payment for the benefit of the customers. Our design and development techniques are completely customer oriented. Information regarding design and development undertaken at our facility is as follows:

Our Quality Standard

Nakoda steel is accredited with ISO 9001 and committed to maintain its quality policy.

  • To provide high quality service / products that confirms industrial standards and specifications in line with customer requirements.
  • To increase customer satisfaction and loyalty leading to a greater market share through genuine commitment to quality.
  • To commit, as a team, to manufacture of high quality right products and services, at all times.

Quality Policy

Backed with ISO 9001:2008Nakoda Steel strives to further enhance the quality mindset of its member staff by constantly opening to new skills, techniques, personal upgrade programs, implementation of smart management and planning systems and last but not least, staff training programs. Emphasising on “TEAMWORK TOWARDS BETTER QUALITY” Nakoda Steel consistently sets high standards for their employees as high professional standard with the clear objective always ensures that all given projects are met with utmost satisfaction by customers.